CAD / CAM Services

Conceptual Engineering :

Conceptual engineering is an important phase of the development process, in which rapid idea capture is paramount. Conceptual design is the explicit construction of ideas or concepts to visualize a product and for alternative designs to evolve. CADDCentrenagpur will take your product from Concept to Reality. Based on customer specifications, we will evaluate numerous concepts and develop the one that best fits the needs. Product Cost, Time to Market and Product Quality are our primary concerns.

2D to 3D CAD conversion :

Outsource your 2d drawings to caddcentrenagpur and we will deliver high quality three dimensional drawing by using latest cad tools and technologies. We also deliver 2d drawings if you outsource your 3d models.

You can send 2d files which are produced from any software and we will convert it to accurate 3d models. We build 3d models by 2d drawings.

Once we build 3d models we make general assembly in 3d so we can visualize how the product is built. We can also provide 3d sectional drawings for technical presentation purpose. You can send the 2D files in any format such as Jpeg,Tiff or PDF we can deliver detailed three dimensional models at quick turnaround for competitive price.

We can very well build the exclusive team for any 2D to 3d conversion project if client requires ongoing basis. We also offers service to mechanise the assembly so that the customer know how the assembly work in real condition. We offer our services to mechanical, electrical, civil and Architectural work.

CAD Data Migration :
Migrating CAD data modeled in one CAD software to another. The original models will be used for non-intrusive reference & form comparison.

2D Design Documentation :

We offer engineering design documentation complete with GD&T, finishes, process conventions, standard formats, enterprise conventions & good practices & tight integration with 3D models for quick updation of changes. All line styles, line weights, dimension styles & text styles are particularly matched to clients standards. We offer our services to mechanical, electrical, civil and Architectural work.