CAE / CFD Services


Finite Element Analysis (FEA) , Computational Fluid Dynamics, Kinematics analysis and other engineering techniques are key to optimizing a mechanical design. Caddcentrenagpur has the experience to design and execute the complete workflow for engineering analysis.

Mechanical Engineering Analysis :

  • Structural /Thermal
  • Modal/Vibration
  • Dynamic/Kinematics
  • FEM Mesh generation
  • Fluid Dynamic(CFX/FLUENT)
We focus on identifying the problems and optimizing the product design. We provide solutions in the following areas based on the design study.
  • Design Validation
  • Identify the weak spots
  • Field failure solutions
  • Design Optimization

Civil Engineering Analysis :

  • Structural
  • Dynamic
  • Water Tank
  • Slab
  • Transmission Line Tower
  • Staircase
  • Seismic